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Empowering Networks Through Precise Voice & Data KPI's Insight

At CellQual, our focus lies in providing meticulously detailed end-to-end services, designed to streamline operations by removing unnecessary intermediary layers. Our specialization spans a wide spectrum, encompassing RF optimization, O&M management, and every facet of service delivery. This breadth of expertise ensures that every aspect of your telecom operations runs seamlessly. Through direct collaboration and tailor-made solutions, we expedite the achievement of milestones, customizing our approach to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our commitment to exceeding expectations is unwavering, reflected in our ability to deliver dependable, rapid, and cost-effective results that uphold the highest standards of quality. Entrust us with optimizing your workflows and enhancing performance, and experience firsthand the comprehensive telecom solution we offer, from conception to implementation. With CellQual at your side, prepare to elevate your telecom experience, where the intersection of excellence and efficiency becomes the norm

Network End-to-End Audit: Ensuring Seamless Voice, Data, and Coverage

At Cellqual, we specialize in comprehensive mobile network planning, design, and optimization solutions, and our Network End-to-End (E2E) Audit service stands as a cornerstone of our offerings. With our E2E Audit, we meticulously assess every aspect of your network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance for both voice and data services while maximizing coverage. Utilizing advanced tools and methodologies, our team conducts a thorough examination of network components, including base stations, antennas, backhaul links, and core network elements. We analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) such as call setup success rate, call drop rate, throughput, and signal strength to identify areas of improvement. Additionally, our audit encompasses a detailed assessment of network coverage, including indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring a seamless user experience across all areas. For instance, through detailed drive tests and propagation modeling, we can pinpoint coverage gaps and recommend strategic measures to enhance network coverage and capacity. With Cellqual's Network E2E Audit, you can trust in a robust evaluation process that delivers actionable insights for optimizing your mobile network infrastructure

Network Audit Suite

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Voice Service Pillar

This pillar focuses on enhancing voice call quality by optimizing parameters such as voice codec selection, handover procedures, and noise cancellation algorithms. Through advanced voice processing techniques and network optimizations, we ensure crystal-clear voice communication for subscribers, leading to improved user satisfaction and retention


Data Services Pillar

The data throughput enhancement pillar aims to maximize data transfer rates and improve network efficiency for data services. By deploying technologies like carrier aggregation, MIMO, and packet scheduling algorithms, we optimize data transmission over the network. This results in faster download and upload speeds, reduced latency, and an enhanced user experience for data-intensive applications


Frequency Management

Effective frequency spectrum management is crucial for optimizing network performance and ensuring efficient spectrum utilization. This pillar involves spectrum planning, interference mitigation, and dynamic spectrum allocation strategies. By carefully managing frequency resources and minimizing interference, we maximize network capacity, improve signal quality, and enhance overall network performance


Coverage Enhancement

Coverage extension strategies focus on expanding network coverage to reach underserved areas and improve indoor signal penetration. This pillar involves deploying additional base stations, optimizing antenna configurations, and implementing small cell solutions. By enhancing coverage reliability and reducing dead zones, we ensure seamless connectivity for subscribers across diverse geographic regions


Capacity Expansion

Capacity scaling and planning are essential for accommodating the increasing demands of mobile network users. This pillar involves capacity forecasting, traffic analysis, and network dimensioning to scale infrastructure and resources accordingly. By deploying scalable architectures, implementing load balancing mechanisms, and optimizing resource allocation, we ensure that the network can efficiently handle growing subscriber traffic and deliver consistent performance

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