Startup Spirit, World Class Success! 


At CellQual, you'll find more than just the spirit, energy, and vision of a high-tech organization. CellQual has the vision to become a leader in developing and delivering an innovative portfolio of quality assurance services for mobile network operators. Our systems help networks to manage their ARPU & Investments properly. Since its founding, CellQual has enabled some Mobile Networks in the market to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs, generate new revenue as well as enhance and improve the entire customer lifecycle experience. 


So what's it like to work at CellQual? 
As soon as you enter our offices, you know you're not in any typical high tech company. You are surrounded by colleagues who have already made a big impact on the industry and are intent on continuing to do so. They're entrepreneurial, autonomous, wired for success, and yet they're also professional, solution-driven, unpretentious and collaborative. Everyone at CellQual shares a number of common qualities. People at CellQual are demonstrated experts in their fields. Their backgrounds prove their passion for achievement.
They've come to CellQual because they want to work with highly respected, intelligent, and collegial peers, in a company that enjoys a strong pedigree of innovation - and that still notices a job well done. Sound like a fit? For more information, see our current opportunities for RF Planning Engineers, Rollout Engineers, 2G, 3G, LTE Experts, TRX Experts and other Services!
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