iNOP - saves your network OPEX

iNOP - saves your network CAPEX

iNOP - Increases the performance of your Transmission Network, too!

iNOP (Intelligent Network Optimization)
iNOP is a unique transmission network optimization service performed to maximize the cost saving efforts of network operators while enhancing the network to meet market demands.
iNOP is not only a software tool but a complex E2E solution that is built on cutting edge mathematical optimization algorithms complemented with complex telco engineering know-how and an End-to-End service approach.
Organically developing networks always have significant deficiencies in their structure because:
         (1) networks become denser as they are being developed over time
(2) new technologies require different planning methods
(3) network operators are always under time and cost pressure, thus little to no time and budget to periodically re-optimize the transmission network.
The result is always a complex less-than-optimal transmission network. Both the physical and logical complexity of the network sooner or later exceeds a limit where human ability can cope with the challenge. It has been too difficult to understand the underlying network structure and to solve the problems associated. At this point the Operator loses the chance to re-plan and re-organize its network to the theoretical peak level. It can achieve a somewhat better network but it is always far from optimal.
iNOP is able to undertake various optimization aspects, a range of priorities and it can encompass an arbitrarily weighted combination to fit your corporate needs. iNOP optimization process incorporates double-digit savings potential in various ways:
  • Locating redundant microwave links (avg. 15-20 % in any network)
  • Optimizes topology
  • Dramatically reduces frequency usage fees (if any)
  • Saves 1st and 2nd line maintenance fees
  • Saves network level electricity fees
  • Saves vendor related S&M fees
  • Saves End of Life replacement fees
  • Increases capacity without additional investment
  • Reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
iNOP is risk-free for operators and provides an outstandingly high return on investment as each project is priced according to the potential savings with a 3-6 months payback time.