Network Operations

 The objective of CellQual Managed services is to be Operators/Vendors trusted long-term partner. It is our pursuit to work in close cooperation with Operators/Vendors to improve Network availability and quality, to achieve optimal resources utilization and support business needs
Values to Service Receivers
1. Network Assurance and Network Quality Improvement With versatile experience and competencies in network O&M, CellQual Managed services Team is capable of meeting the needs of network assurance, and improving the network performance through prompt response, uninterrupted fault handling.

2. Focus on Customer Core businesses CellQual Managed services provides network O&M solution that enable Customer to utilize most of resources on core businesses and pay more attention to end-user.

3. OPEX Controllable Service CellQual Managed services will help customers lower OPEX on network O&M through Optimized processes, Tools and organization for operational efficiency.
Service Main Scope ​
CellQual Managed services solution provides Operators a comprehensive service package as following:

1. 24x7 Network Surveillance of all the network elements
2. Technical Helpdesk, as central point for technical complaints handling
3. Second Line Support for technical service provisioning, performance manage ment, configuration management, release management, capacity management, security management and avail ability management services
4. First Line Maintenance/Field Operations for day-to-day O&M of site equip ment and facilities; It mainly includes
5. Spare Parts Management (spare parts dimensioning and logistics relying on the operator's warehouse)
6. Multivendor Management (O&M of multivendor equipment and facilities).