Data Management, Analysis & Reporting


Today’s increasing network complexity requires an increased level of intelligence in order to evaluate network and service performance and take action to improve it. Data collected during measurements campaigns represent a mine of information but without a proper analysis layer the potential remains unexploited. While getting the value out of the collected data is imperative, critical decisions should be made based on data validated automatically according to the highest quality standards.


Measurement campaigns success is linked to the ability of running smoothly the whole process from data collection to result publishing in order to minimize the end-to-end effort and time. This requires a combination of faultless setup of a wide range of testing options, automated data transfer and processing, powerful analysis and reporting capabilities.



Data Management, Analaysis & Reporting 

Managing the end-to-end measurement proess requires many functionalities:

  • test setup management; 

  • measurement process control in real-time; 

  • automated data transfer and processing; 

  • analysis and troubleshooting;

  • reporting and insight generation to unlock the value of the collected data.

We proudly use the R&S NetQual software suite offers all of that:

  • NetQual NQView for test configuration and control, data live display and file replay;

  • NQWeb Automation Agent for data management automation, alarming, and report generation;

  • NQWeb System Inspector for real-time fleet and test result monitoring;

  • NQWeb Web Reporter for enterprise data mapping and reporting;

  • NetQual NQDI for scalable data analysis and reporting for optimization and benchmarking.