The iNOP Project, Deliverables

iNOP project deliverables

The initial network assessment delivers a good working knowledge on the potential technical and financial augmentations necessary for the enhancement of the network. Based on characteristic indicators it provides a good picture of cost savings, capacity improvement and network simplification, which would be achieved with high probability via a thorough optimization project.

The single most important deliverable of an iNOP project is a TCO optimized network. The results are summarized in a final report, which includes analysis of the original network, highlighting the bottlenecks and problem areas, and summary of the optimization targets with key findings. The main technical and financial parameters of the original and optimized network are compared as well. A crucial deliverable of the project is the detailed optimized network plan which is a ready-to-execute implementation program, not requiring any further planning work by the operator.

All necessary financial calculations enabling the operator to make decision on the implementation of the optimized plan are presented. Detailed figures of operating cost savings, required investments, TCO, payback time and ROI calculations are all also provided, along with recommendations and possible next steps.

A sample of iNOP Final Report is available in the Downloads section.