The iNOP Project, Step by Step

iNOP project step by step

An iNOP project is executed in a few consecutive steps.

The initial phase begins when the customer accepts the necessity of the network optimization, and the decision is made about a network optimization project. Koonsys then collects the necessary technical and financial information from the network using a standardized method. Thereafter data consistency check and correction is done by our experts, which is a crucial step in the process.

An initial rough assessment of network data by iNOP provides a first impression on both potential financial and technical network enhancements. A very important step at this stage is the clarification and definition of the desired technical and financial optimization priorities and targets, which are agreed together by Koonsys and the client.

When input data is complete and targets are set the original network and optimization criteria are translated into a mathematical scenario by iNOP. It analyses millions of diverse possible variations until the best, optimal solution matching the agreed targets is found. Finally the mathematical solution is translated back to an executable network plan, which could be fine-tuned in interactive steps if necessary, while it is being made ready for implementation.

The final step of the project is the preparation of the final report including detailed optimized network plan and a step-by-step ready-to-execute implementation program. The customer has the freedom to decide when and how to implement the optimized network plan.

The total net lead time of a normal iNOP project is 5-10 weeks. A generic process diagram with indicative lead times can be seen below.

iNOP experts can assist the client during implementation phase as well if it is required.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 9.18.47 PM.png