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Mobile operators worldwide have to cope with multifaceted network issues that affect the quality of experience of their subscribers. Such issues might come from degraded network service quality or unexpected network related incidents that affect network behaviour and have a high impact on service usage. The increased complexity of today’s network infrastructure, combined with the diversity of the services used, underlines the necessity for thorough network quality monitoring and testing. Diverse business stakeholders are in need of powerful tools to effectively monitor how their network performs, ensure network efficiency and guarantee a unique end user experience.


DAP is a comprehensive real time active probing solution designed to meet the monitoring needs of fixed, WiFi and mobile access operators. DAP offers to network optimisation and quality teams the capability to obtain real time information and a complete 360° view on the performance of the network, allowing them to ensure and maintain high quality of the services offered to end users.

Multi network support

Test and monitor 2G, 3G , 4G or 5G mobile networks using a single probe hosting up to 8 SIM cards. Using the same probe, test and monitor fixed and WiFi networks. Centrally control probes over the air, rendering the need for physical presence on the deployment sites to a bare minimum.

Rich service testing

Perform end-to-end testing of end user services or M2M/IoT applications. Carry out static benchmarking of network resources. Test, measure and assure the quality of – amongst others – FTP DL/UL, http DL/UL/latency, ping & DNS latency, UDP streaming, VoIP, SMS, video usage (e.g. YouTube), peer 2 peer services.

Intuitive web interface accessible on the go

Get access to a feature rich, intuitive web interface accessible from any device type. Make the most out of  dashboard “quick glance” high level views. Drill down to engineering views providing detailed information and facilitating thorough incidents investigation and troubleshooting.

Single solution offering multiple uses

Benefit from a stand-alone solution that supports the technical and business needs of multiple business teams. Oversee operations and leverage the alarm and notification capabilities. Perform thorough and detailed network testing, root cause analysis and troubleshooting. Perform comparison performance testing in order to benchmark networks, APNs, profiles and services.

Modern Building

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

CellQual Professional Services suite addresses the needs of Mobile Operators & Regulators with a multi-faceted engine that looks at all aspects of service quality, and provides all this in one single proposition. The offering includes an integrated set of tools & services that help operation centers to monitor services and customer experience in correlation with underlying network resources; predicting and preventing service degradations and quickly resolving existing service issues.

Advanced geolocation and data visualization capabilities are used to pinpoint problematic service areas on a map and correlate geo-location information to service KQIs

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