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& Accelerate your 5G network readiness!


CellQual. provides engineering solutions and services on wireless telecommunication technologies.

We have extended international and Local experience in a wide area of mobile network technologies, including GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, GSM-R , WIFI systems.

RAN design & planning

Network planning is a key activity that will impact directly on your system performance. A network with a deficient design will generate extra costs not only because you will need new sites, but also for the time, effort and money involved in network optimization, which will negatively affect your operational costs.

The typical network planning service is based on offering coverage in the first phase, delivering capacity in the second phase, and finally improving quality of service for your subscriber. But why do this in three phases? With our proposal you will get the best results from the beginning: we will support you to add capacity where you will need it and to deliver the best quality service with a great coverage footprint.

Let CellQual support your company from the beginning, and we will plan your network, optimizing your resources with less hardware and more expertise. We are not interested in selling your company more boxes, we are looking to optimize your investment and save Capex and Opex for you.

RAN audit & optimisation

Smart Network Optimization is a service pack designed by CellQual to combine all of the information available about your network to ensure it performs its best, from both the subscribers and the network point of view. Smart Network Optimization takes into consideration aspects such as smartphone performance, data subscriber behavior, and the physical network configuration.

Smart Network Optimization is based on our engineering team’s expertise, network raw data, and advanced analysis tools, all deployed to improve your statistical and field KPI. The overall goal is to improve service performance and reduce the number of outages and complaints. 

Benchmarking & root-cause analysis

Benchmarking of Quality of Experience (QoE) and data throughput rates to competition remain integral part of network performance evaluation. 

CellQual's benchmarking is an efficient way to gain insight into operator’s own QoE and position against competitors and industry best practices. Moreover, our expertise extends from standard measurements (including 5G) to esoteric, complex set-ups.

CellQual's robust, data science-based root cause analysis provides additional insights of benchmark results. It assesses the main RAN inefficiencies behind the performance gaps between operators and quantifies the various drivers and their contribution to benchmark results. The provided concrete cell level recommendations help an operator to tackle the issues and improve the network performance and end user experience.

Dependable measurements, independent analysis and clear recommendations are key reasons why many of our customers choose our services over and over again.

Performance management

CellQual can provide performance management services that will provide for an operator a continuous view on their network performance and will ensure pro-active actions for maintaining the high network quality.

More to improve...

Interference Search

External factors, especially interference, could severely affect the performance of your network. At CellQual, we use specialized equipment to measure and locate the source of interference, delivering a comprehensive report for specific purposes

Frequency Plan Optimization

GSM systems still generate revenues for operators, and in most cases, the subscribers base runs mainly over this network. For this reason, optimization must be performed periodically, and a key ingredient of this is the frequency plan; a poor or obsolete frequency plan will be perceived as poor quality by users.

CellQual uses state-of-the-art tools to optimize your frequency plan and reclaim peak performance for your network. 

Customer Complaints Support Team

Your engineering department should be focused mainly on network issues, but it is commonly busy taking care of individual customers’ complaints instead. Save Capex delivering to a third party this assignment. CellQual can handle this for you so that your team can concentrate on the network.

Capacity Management

With the rapid growth of data traffic, keeping congestion in your network at manageable levels can occupy a lot of your engineers time. CellQual consultants have the experience and tools to efficiently handle this task for you. By obtaining feedback from your marketing department as well as using the traffic trending capabilities of VECTOR, our consultants can re-distribute existing traffic to minimize Capex expenditure and plan the most cost-effective upgrade plan for your network, allowing you sufficient time to order and deploy the additional equipment


Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

CellQual is an independent engineering services company that specializes in providing total solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the telecom industry. We offer our extensive experience, proven reliability, and commitment to outstanding services and products to meet—and exceed—each client’s specific objectives in a cost effective and timely manner.

CellQual has served customers all over the world since 2009, deploying solutions geared towards enhancing their competitiveness, adding value, and cutting costs. CellQual's’ highly qualified staff is recognized in the industry for their technical expertise, which includes knowledge about GSM to 5G, how to solve problems, and how to present different solutions to our customers

Mobile operators & Regulators are our main focus, due to our years of global experience in this field. We have a deep understanding of this market; we know the competition, and the innovation between players is amazing. We know that fast and confident decisions are the key to success in this field. You can be sure you will receive the best services—at the right price, at the right time. 

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business with an E2E Service?

The CellQual philosophy is to deliver end-to-end services as first option, eliminating as many middle layers as possible to optimize performance and efficiency in any process and thereby meet all milestones for our customers.

CellQual has the capability to manage all the aspects for any services offered, from RF to O&M. Just let us know your requirements, and we will customize a proposal to meet your needs.

In our experience, the results obtained by end-to-end projects are more reliable, faster, and cheaper and offer a higher quality

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