Virtual Benchmarking


Historically, Mobile Operators have been spending a lot of time and money on traditional drive testing to monitor and optimize the quality of their mobile networks.

Today, CellQual, with 15+ years of experience in the telecom industry, key competence within data analytics is presenting a new way of thinking and a new way of working within this area.

Compared to other Crowdsourced Data providers on the market today, CellQual is unique when it comes to the amount of anonymous data that is daily being collected. To be able to give as accurate and statistically confident result as possible, the high volume of data is of key importance, and with the approx. 1+ Million measurements collected daily for each country of operation, CellQual has proven to be a good partner in this domain.


The Crowdsourced Data is being refined and cleaned in the VBM solution. At this stage, more than 90% of the crowdsourced data is being excluded by not fulfilling the predefined criteria’s. The remaining, high-valuable data is then being carefully analyzed using novel Machine Learning techniques. The outcome will be a list of network issues as well as proposed solutions to those issues.

For that purpose, CellQual to be distinguished with what is done with this data, a set of pre-defined use cases is offered on top of the crowdsourced data to make SENSE of what is offered and not to be a crowdsource data reseller only.

Use Cases

1. For Network Design Managers:

Place new small cells based on indoor and outdoor coverage and demand. Assess coverage and performance of competing networks and include in design decisions. To sustain performance, determine whether capacity can simply be added to existing macro site or more expensive indoor solution is needed.

2. For Network Performance Managers:

Assess indoor and outdoor wireless performance with 10 meter resolution. View prioritized areas that can be improved through optimization.

3. For Sales and Marketing:

Identify areas of competitive strength and high user concentration. In these areas potential customers can be easily switched to your network. Identify areas of poor service and avoid marketing spend there.