Extended Analysis 

CellQual offers a full range of engineering capabilities in support of current and emerging voice and data wireless technologies including 3G, 4G/LTE, VoLTE, LTE-A, and 5G. CellQual is a leader independent provider of wireless network benchmarking.

Building on the standard benchmarking reports, Extended Analysis extracts additional information from collected information to help customers achieve specific goals.

This can include focused data mining to extract specialized information about a drive test or can provide a big picture view of the network to aid in evaluation of design guidelines at a macro level. Some of the custom offerings prepared by CellQual and available in conjunction with Voice & Data Benchmarking campaigns include:

High Level Overview Reports: Summarized results present details of a benchmarking campaign in a format tailored to provide executive management a quick look assessment of the network.

Single Network Performance Reviews: Designed to highlight areas of interest in a market, identify trends and propose potential opportunities for improvement.

Multiple Network Performance Reviews: Provide a cross network perspective of benchmarking results. Useful for regulatory agencies assessing licensees or for corporate organizations evaluating regional performance.

Before and After Analysis: Benchmarking campaigns and reports in conjunction with new market acquisition and integration, network retunes, infrastructure vendor replacement and other important events.

SLA Validation: Customized testing to provide an independent assessment of service or equipment providers performance towards Service Level Agreement metrics.